“As a pastor, one of my greatest joys is to watch God change lives. Lucy is one of those people who became completely changed when she reached the end of herself and found God waiting there for her. She and her husband, Richard, became solid leaders in the church and their testimony has been an inspiration to so many others. I have full assurance that as her story unfolds, her readers will be encouraged to overcome their own hardships by partnering with a God who specializes in making the impossible possible.”

– Dr. Don Wilson
Founder of Accelerate Group and Founding Pastor of Christ Church of the Valley (CCV)

“From riveting stories to life giving truth Lucy invites us into the most intimate places of her journey.  With people chasing every way imaginable through the fire, God has given us a gift with this book. Lucy points us to the true healer – to the only one who can restore – to the only one who can give us the peace we all so desperately seek – Jesus.”

– Rodney Cox
Founder of Ministry Insights International

“Through the Fire is Lucy’s story. Well, actually, Lucy is God’s story of taking the tatters of abuse and making a tapestry of love. Her hope is that this becomes your story too. For all who have been abused, dispossessed, discarded, or shattered, Through the Fire is your path to making meaning out of the pain and beauty from the ashes.”

– Mark E. Moore, PhD
Author of Core 52

“What if the pain from your past is actually a springboard for God’s greatest purpose in your future? That’s what you’ll find from Lucy’s story. What she endured is unthinkable, but how God used it is unimaginable. This just might be the book God uses to change the trajectory of your life.”

– Ashley Wooldridge
Senior Pastor of Christ Church of the Valley (CCV)

“Lucy Dickens walked through a devastating forest fire, protected only by God’s guidance and love, in order to bring her vulnerable story of surrender to life. On one level, her book is a page-turner about all the ways she was brought to her knees by heartbreaking abuse; mental and physical illness; betrayal and abandonment; and even a horrific hurricane!

But the truly compelling narrative is the one about Lucy’s growth as a spiritual warrior, during which she found the courage to face her brokenness hand-in-hand with Jesus, focusing her efforts on addressing her own issues and entrusting everything and everyone else to God’s care. Taking this unflinchingly honest and inspirational journey with Lucy will likely lead readers to strengthen their faith in God’s abiding love and to experience the hope, joy and peace that passes understanding. Christians need the message that it’s healthy to be honest, transparent, and vulnerable, to let our own darkness become visible, because whoever thinks that Christians are supposed to be perfect and without a history doesn’t know Jesus!”

Wendy Boorn, M.C., L.P.C. Licensed Professional Counselor and Author, “I Thought I’d Be Done by Now: Hope and Help for Mothers of Adult Children Searching for Peace”

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